The team was born in 1996 when Manuel Puccetti, at the age of 18, took his first steps in sports competitions. Driven by his family’s passion for racing, he began to race in the 125 SP regional championships, followed only by his parents and friends.

In 1998 and 1999 he competed in the 250cc Aprilia Challenge Trophy with good results, finishing 12th out of 60 participants.

In 2000 he disputed a season on a Honda 125 GP and in 2001 he launched the 4-stroke in the difficult Italian Supersport 600 championship with Yamaha of Team Eros Motor.

In 2002, the “Puccetti Racing Team amateur sports association” was formally born from the need to manage independently and professionally its partners and sponsors and Manuel decides to make his experience available by running three 14 year olds (Luca Morelli, Valerio Vitiello and Luciano Valla) on Honda 125 GP in the same single-make with good results. Manuel is also involved in the Italian Supersport championship with Yamaha but is the victim of an injury that keeps him out of racing for mid-season.

In 2003 Puccetti competed in the Yamaha Trophy which finished in 4th place overall out of 88 entrants. Manuel also has 3 other riders (Bogdan Castagnetti and Bosi) race in the Yamaha trophy and two very young and a veteran (Vitiello, Perricelli and Venturi) in the 125 GP Honda.

In 2004 Manuel disputes the Yamaha R6 trophy finishing in 8th place and also makes 4 other riders (Grandi, Faccetti, Vasirani and Camellini) race in the Yamaha R6 trophy as well as 2 very young (Brignoli and Mastrandrea) on Honda 125 GP.

In 2005 Puccetti disputed 3 races of the European Supersport 600 championship on Kawasaki, finishing in 9th place in Cartagena (Spain) as best international performance. The team also proceeds in the Yamaha Trophy with 4 riders (Belletti replaced immediately due to injury by Carniglia, Vasirani, Camellini and Faccetti) where the Team wins the rookie ranking with the Genoese Andrea Carnglia and finishes 2nd in the Under 20 with Faccetti. The last season for the Team arrives in the Honda 125 GP trophy (Brignoli, Ciani, Russo and Vassallo) to limit costs and bet everything on four strokes.

In 2006 Manuel Puccetti disputed his 11th and, reluctantly, the last season of racing as a driver in the European Supersport championship, finishing with an excellent 10th place in Cartagena; leaves as a rider to concentrate 100% as Team Manager of his own Team in 2007. Carniglia disputes 3 European Supersport races on Yamaha. In the 2006 Italian championship the Team runs Mattia Angeloni and Fulvio Faccetti in the CIV STK 1000 on Yamaha, while Andrea Masoni and Alberto Papa in the Yamaha R6 trophy with good results.

In the 2007 season the Team focuses everything on Kawasaki and makes the young Jonatan Gallina run for 2 races in the Stk 600 Italian Cup, always touching the podium (collaboration then interrupted due to misunderstandings with the pilot’s parents), in the European Supersport Carniglia disputes 2 races on Kawasaki. Gioele Pellino starts in the CIV Supersport, then replaced after 2 races by the Milanese Diego Giugovaz, a great turning point of the Team, which brings Puccetti Racing for the first time in the front rows of the Italian championship and the European Supersport championship, finishing on the podium of the last European race. Supersport in Cartagena with an excellent 3rd place.

In the 2008 season Kawasaki Italia recognizes the great leap in quality of the Team made in the 2007 season and enters into a new collaboration with the Team led by Manuel Puccetti which becomes Team Kawasaki Supported and thanks to the fundamental support of Metzeler it definitively reaches the top of the Italian Championship. Supersport with Cristiano Migliorati (finished 4th in the championship, 2 podiums in Monza and Vallelunga) and the great ex of the World Championship Mirko Giansanti, bring the Team to 3rd place in the final classification of the Civ. Il giovane Tom Caiani è il 3° pilota del Team e conquista il titolo del Civ Supersport under 21. La stagione 2008 è in assoluto la migliore disputata dal Team in 7 anni di attività sportiva.

The 2009 season marked a great confirmation of Puccetti Racing Kawasaki as the top team of the Civ. For the second consecutive year the Team finished the season in 3rd place in the national Supersport Team classification and reached an excellent 3rd place in the final classification with Cristiano Migliorati (2 podiums, Mugello 2nd and Misano 3rd). Also excellent performance at the Supersport World Championship in Imola, Wild Card with Migliorati finished in 12th place among the big names, 4 other precious world points. Box mate of Migliorati was Danilo Marrancone, 25, vice Italian and European champion of the Supersport category even if in the 2009 season with the kawasaki he did not shine particularly sailing from 7th to 8th position throughout the season. In 2009 the Junior Team was also born with Caiani and Busiello in the Civ Stk 600; Busiello comes close to an excellent 4th place in Vallelunga and the two often enter the points area. Il Puccetti Racing Kawasaki nel 2009 si conferma Team ufficiale Kawasaki Italia e Team Sviluppo Metzeler.

For the 2010 season, Puccetti Racing Kawasaki confirms itself as a Team directly supported by Kawasaki Italia for the 3rd consecutive year and thanks to Pirelli support as Development Team it is confirmed as one of the candidate teams to conquer the Italian flag. The experience of Cristiano Migliorati for the Italian Supersport Championship is the master, the rider from Brescia in the 2010 season wins 3 podiums (two 2nd places and one 3rd) and is in the top 2-3 of the championship for almost the whole season; the grand finale at Mugello consecrated Crisitiano Migliorati to 2nd place in the race and 2nd in the championship (on equal points with Dionisi and Lamborghini). A season full of satisfactions, including the 8th place in the Imola World Championship for the jockey from Brescia.The Team replaced Alessio Palumbo (injured) at the first of the Civ in Vallelunga with the experienced Diego Giugovaz, who helps to develop the verdona Pirelli and concludes a good race in 8th place, lapping not far from the leaders.

The 2011 season was the most satisfying in the history of the Team, Mirko Giansanti and Stefano Cruciani totaled 6 podiums at CivSupersport, Cruciani won the Team’s first victory at Civ Supersport. 6 world races, Giansanti ends 12th at the Monza World Championship, Cruciani excellent 9th at the Imola World Championship. Great numbers for the season that has just ended, thanks also to the solid relationship with Kawasaki Italia and Pirelli.

The 2012 season was memorable for Puccetti Racing Kawasaki, 7 podiums in 8 races in the CIV Supersport sum up a year of extreme competitiveness, professionalism and great satisfaction. Stefano Cruciani finished in 2nd place in the championship and was also protagonist in the 3 World Supersport wild cards (Monza, Misano, Brno) where he finished 5th in Monza, 8th in Brno and was in the podium area at Misano when he was shot down by another competitor. Mirko Giansanti was 2nd in the championship for the whole season, podiums and concreteness have always been his strong point, he finished 3rd in the CIV. Mid-season a 3rd rider joined the Team, Andrea Agnelli, R6 CUP 2010 champion. Luca Oppedisano was chosen by the Team for the CIV STK 600, unfortunately he did not realize all the potential he had in his hands, he only reached 4 checkered flags on 8 races, 8 falls have cut the wings to his season.

San Carlo Puccetti Racing 2013, TEAM ITALIA FMI, almost 20 years after the birth of the Puccetti Racing Kawasaki Team, the 2013 season will certainly be the one that will mark a change in the Reggio structure led by Manuel Puccetti; thanks to the newly formed IMF collaboration and the entry of the main Sponsor SAN CARLO, 6 riders between the world and Italian championships will compete in the reference structure of Kawasaki Italia. An important commitment that sees the Team engaged on 3 fronts for 2013: 1st victory of the Italian Supersport championship with Stefano Cruciani, third place in the championship for Mirko Giansanti, third driver Andrea Agnelli 2nd victory of the European Stk 600 championship with Franco Morbidelli, second place in the championship for Alessandro Nocco 3rd top 10 in the Supersport world championship with Riccardo Russo

The 2014 season reconfirmed the 3 sports programs of the previous season by winning 3rd place in the CIV Supersport with Cruciani, winning the STK 600 European Championship with Marco Faccani, an excellent Supersport world season with Roberto Tamburini flanked by Alessandro Nocco. In the last 3 races of the Supersport season the Team acquires the 3 times Turkish world champion Kenan Sofuoglu as third driver with good results.

The 2015 season, world champions! The Reggiano Team climbs to the top of the world in the Supersport and European STK 600 categories with the drivers Kenan Sofuoglu and Toprak Razgatlioglu. A memorable stegione led from start to finish ended with the conquest of the highest peak in 2 world categories, never seen anything like it. Excellent 2nd and 5th place for the San Carlo Team Italia in the European STK 600 with Rinaldi and Tucci, also good 2nd place for Stefano Cruciani in the CIV Supersport.

In the 2016 season the Team confirms itself as Supersport world champion with Kenan Sofuoglu, the great Turkish talent is the record holder of this championship and enters history with his 5 world titles. Randy Krummenacher ends in the Top 3 of the Supersport world championship, an excellent debut season with many podiums and great successes for the Team that still conquers the constructors’ championship (Kawasaki) and the Team classification. The Team also wins the European 600 championship for the fourth consecutive year, a title with Axel Bassani on a Kawasaki Ninja 600. Toprak Razgatlioglu in the STK 1000 World Cup 2016 starts quietly but wins several podiums in the season finale and a pole position.

In 2017 Team Kawasaki Puccetti Racing will make its debut in the Superbike world championship with the Swiss Randy Krummenacher, a very important step that sees the team launched in the top category. Randy will conquer several top 10 in SBK and some SSP2, the last four races is replaced by the 2014 world champion Sylvan Guintoli where he collects three 8th places and a 6th between Jerez and Qatar. Historic first podium in SBK with wild card Leon Haslam, Donington UK race 1, P2. In Supersport the very champion Kenan Sofuoglu wins 5 races out of 7, the others are absent due to injuries. Ends the season runner-up of the world after a heavy injury at Magny Course with 3 races to go while he was leading the championship. Canducci and Ryde are box mates in Supersport, some top 10 finishes for them. Anthony West joins our Supersport Team in Jerez, conquering a beautiful podium in WSS (3rd). Toprak Razgatlioglu in STK 1000 ends the season runner-up world cup STK 1000, season conditioned by various injuries, always protagonist in the race with some victories.

In 2018 the Kawasaki Puccetti Racing Team in the Superbike World Championship with the rookie Toprak Razgatlioglu on Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10 RR, the 21 year old Turkish phenomenon conquers, on his debut, two sensational podiums in Donington and Argentina, his acrobatic guide manages to take him to some editions among the top veteran riders of the championship. He almost always finishes in the Top 10. At the end of the championship, Kawasaki calls him to Japan to visit the official racing rep in Akashi and participate with the internal team in the last race of the Japanese SBK championship to replace their injured rider. Impressive adaptation to Bridgestone and Suzuka for Toprak who after 3 laps is already in the top 3 with excellent lap times. The weekend ended with an injury due to a collision with a slower driver. In Supersport Sofuoglu is aiming for the title but after a serious injury in Australia at the first race of the championship he severely conditions his physical condition and, in Imola mid-season, he announces his retirement. Sheridan Morais and Hector Barberà follow one another, but with mixed results. Hikari Okubo completes the Team in Supersport, consistently performing in the top 8-9 for his first season on the Ninja.

The 2019 season was certainly a memorable year for the Reggiano Team; 22 year old Turkish champion Toprak Razgatlioglu scored 13 podiums in the highest category, 2 fantastic victories on the Magny Course – France circuit. The Turkish Puccetti Racing Team wins the 2019 SBK independent team classification. An incredible year where Manuel Puccetti’s Team achieved superlative results in the SBK world championship, it was over a decade that a private team had not won a race in the top cat. of the series derivatives. In Supersport Lucas Mahias conquers 6 podiums, 2 victories, exceptional final mid-season, closes in 4th place in the standings. Hikari Okubo conquers an excellent 4th place, a couple of Top 5 and ends his best season in the Supersport World Championship in 5th place.

In 2020 the Kawasaki Puccetti Racing Team participates with the Spanish Xavi Fores in SBK, collecting several Top 10 and concludes as the first Kawasaki team among all the satellite teams of the Akashi house. In Supersport the Emilian structure reaches a great season ended with Lucas Mahias vice-champion of the SS 2020 world, many podiums and 2 victories. The rookie Philipp Oettl ends the 2020 Supersport World Championship in 3rd place with a fantastic season full of podiums and puts himself in the spotlight for the year 2021!

In 2021 the Kawasaki Puccetti Racing Team promotes Lucas Mahias to SBK, the goal is the world Top 8. In Supersport Philipp Oettl, in his second season on the Ninja, aims to improve his 2020 result in the final standings and will try to collect his first victory in the series derivatives. The second spearhead of the Team in Supersport is 17 year old Can Oncu, a rising Turkish star in his second season in SS will aim for the podium! Talent and motivation to sell.

The 2022 racing season has had mixed results for Kawasaki Puccetti Racing. In the Supersport World Championship, the very young couple formed by Can Oncu and the new entry Yari Montella confirmed both the competitiveness of the Italian team and the constant growth of the two riders. After a good start, Oncu had a slight decline in the middle of the championship, to then recover in the remaining races, until he reached what was his 2022 goal: third place in the general classification with 264 point. The Turkish rider climbed the podium eight times and he also has a fast lap to his credit. Making his absolute debut both with the ZX-6R and on a permanent basis in WorldSSP, Montella sealed the excellent season of Kawasaki Puccetti Racing by winning Race 1 at Phillip Island, in the last round of the championship. The Italian finished in seventh place overall with 171 points. Ups and downs in WorldSBK. In his second year in the premier class of derivatives, the Frenchman Lucas Mahias was once again the victim of injuries and crashes that compromised his season and made his results mixed. The injury suffered by Lucas in Estoril in Portugal (fracture of the fifth metacarpal of the right hand) also created problems in the following matches, while the second injury suffered in Mandalika in Indonesia (injury to the ligaments of the right ankle) also conditioned the last round in Australia. Mahias finished WorldSBK in fourteenth place with 61 points. At the end of the two championships, Team Principal Manuel Puccetti announced the 2023 programs, which foresee only Can Oncu in Supersport, while once the contract with Lucas Mahias is over, the ZX-10RR of the Reggio Emilia team will ride the 2013 SBK World Champion Tom Sykes. A welcome return for all WorldSBK and a great stimulus for all Kawasaki Puccetti Racing.

2023 got off to a bumpy start for Manuel Puccetti’s team as it launched its WorldSBK campaign
with 2013 world champion Tom Sykes and took on WorldSSP with the reconfirmed Can Oncu. In
SBK, despite the best efforts of team and rider, the bike experienced various issues and results
failed to come. This led to the mutual decision by team and rider to prematurely terminate their
agreement. Spanish rider Tito Rabat climbed aboard the ZX-10RR as of the Misano round, building
on his performance and regularly finishing inside the points zone. In Supersport, a race 2 incident
at Assen caused Can Oncu serious injury to his left arm, which kept him away from the racetracks
for a prolonged period as he underwent a series of surgeries. The Turkish rider was replaced by
Lucas Mahias in the meantime. Though not back to full fitness, Oncu was back on his ZX-6R in
time for Magny Cours, and even reached the third step of the podium at the final Jerez round!

For the 2024 season, Kawasaki Puccetti Racing Team renews its agreement with Turkish rider Can Oncu in WorldSSP. In Superbike, Manuel Puccetti’s team will race the 2024 Ninja ZX-10RR KRT factory replica, which it entrusts to Spaniard Tito Rabat.


The Team offers its sponsors on the track the largest Hospitality ever in the SuperBike world championship. The structure, which stands out in the paddle with its 500 square meters and its two floors, offers a series of services: offices, reserved areas, 120 seats, open kitchen and show cooking. Quality food, obsessive care and attention to detail are excellent choices that allow us to always offer only the best.